Smoking Process

At Celtic Seafare, we use only the finest quality hand selected fresh salmon fillets. Smoking in small batches, we are able to maintain a high quality artisan product. Our smoker is an Afos convection kiln from England that requires a skilled chef to maintain temperatures and smoke levels.

To achieve the delicate texture and flavor in our salmon, every fillet is individually hand cured with a unique blend of pure sea salt and raw cane sugar. The Salmon fillets are then lightly smoked in a traditional wood burning kiln using a blend of natural hardwoods.

Celtic Seafare operates under a HACCP Plan to ensure the highest quality and food safety for our customers.

Our Process

  1. Receiving: Fillets are received and inspected temperature must be 38°F or below.
  2. Salting: Fillets are hand cured with salt and sugar in sealed trays then refrigerated at no less than 38°F. Salting and time varies with fillet size.
  3. Rinsing: Fillets are rinsed and dried then refrigerated for 8 hours for flesh to normalize for smoking process
  4. Smoking: Fillets are placed on racks and cold smoked up to 14 hours depending on size at less than 89°F. After smoking fillets are refrigerated to 38°F
  5. Slicing and Packaging: Fillets are hand sliced, interleaved then vacuum packed.
  6. Labeling: Packages are inspected and labeled with required information.

Final Refrigeration: Packages are refrigerated at a minimum of 38°F prior to distribution.