Chef Ariel Dvorin, Head Chef Sparefoot Catering

“Celtic Seafare has the best smoked salmon in all of Texas!” Their smoking process allows the natural flavor of the salmon to come through with tasting too smoky like most competitors. I cater to an office of 150+ people whom all love the smoked salmon.

Jack Gilmore, Executive Chef Jack Allen's Restaurants

“Celtic Seafare’s cold smoke, a cool way to treat a really good piece of salmon. It’s got a nice subtle smoky flavor and a bright salmon color. I love rolling it up with ricotta cheese, capers and onion. Keep up the great work Sebastien!”

Chi-minh Pham-dinh, Owner/Executive pastry chef Baguette et Chocolat

“Celtic Seafare focuses on Quality, Authenticity and Honesty. These core principles, added to Sebastien’s skills and knowledge, make for the best smoked salmon I have ever eaten. It’s the reason we are proud to share his products with our customers, as it reflects our own philosophies It’s a big “EAT” ! kudos ! “

Michel Escoffier, Great-grandson of Auguste Escoffier and President of the Auguste Escoffier Foundation and Museum.

-We enjoyed it immensely. We have never had salmon of such quality and finesse in a very long time, formeedaaable!