How to Share a Great Story with the Reader?

Most students start panicking when getting an assignment to write an essay. Why does this happen? The reason is obvious: this assignment can't be done in a hurry. You need to devote enough time to the search of the interesting topic you feel passionate about and think of the best way on how to structure an essay the right way. Before you get started, you are recommended to learn the essay writing basics. Only having the knowledge on how to craft an academic paper, you will be able to do this on A-grade.

What Kind of Essays Do Teachers Consider High-Quality?

Today, we are increasingly feeling fatigue from the information flow entering the brain. Those who know how to explain things in an original and bright manner are really few. To tell so that the reader could not tear himself/herself away from the text is an ability that not everyone has. However, this doesn't mean that you can't acquire these skills.

There are certain criteria, which help teachers to evaluate academic papers. In order to impress the teacher and get the highest grade, you are recommended to check the features of a good essay. If your essay meets all of the mentioned criteria listed below, your work will be evaluated high!

  • Tell a story. Connect your own experience - both positive and negative. The best stories are your personal adventures. The reader can learn about them only from you.
  • Use word-visualizers: imagine, look, remember, etc. They will help the reader to see what you are talking about.
  • Avoid phrases that don't add value to the topic being discussed. One of the main misconceptions is that one must express oneself literarily, do not write dryly, expand the text due to the abundance of words, descriptions, compound constructions. If you fully expressed an idea or situation and showed all its complexity in three paragraphs – well done!
  • Do not use three verbs or adjectives in a row. This won't sound good!
  • Make your story sincere. Lies won't help to hook the reader. It will be much better if you manage to be yourself and let the flow of words help you create a valuable content.
  • Express your attitude to the things you are talking about. Your reader should have a clear picture of the writer's standpoint. Do your best to express your point of view leaving the space for the reader to decide on his/her own whether he/she agrees with you or not.
  • Explain why you have chosen the topic. You need to pick the topic, which would be interesting not only for you but for your target audience as well. The reader shouldn't have any doubts that the topic is actual.

Check whether your paper has been written taking into account all the key points discussed above. In case, you understand that you have failed – buy essays from custom writers who have the necessary writing experience. Choose the reliable well-educated specialists.